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Book Review!

Customer Review on Amazon from someone I do not know and have never met.  This is fantastic!
EPIC!!, March 28, 2013

“WHO IN THE WORLD doesn’t think this isn’t epic! I love how fast it reads. I spend a lot of time skipping through sections in books but NOT today. Not here. Not at all!

This book and story was so awesome that I gave it to my son to read and he does NOT read from a kindle. The fact that my 16 year old is reading a book without pictures (insert mom joke) is beyond words. That shows how FUN this story is.

It’s NOT like Harry Potter, but it’s just as wild of a ride. I’m telling you right now, you have to give this a try. Read the

free sample for an idea of the author’s splendid writing style. Sometimes you just have to ignore that a major editor didn’t go over a story with a fine tooth comb because now its the world of Indie Authors and those stories are priceless and worth any flaw in grammar. Not that you’ll find many here, but the story well made up for any minor flaw I found (I wasn’t looking for them).

I want to yell it to you, try this story. Its addictive!”

Here is the direct link to the review:Image


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