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The Names in “Untoward”

I chose present day names and then tweaked them to sound more unusual (some more so than others).  This should help any who would like to know how to pronounce the names.

Daumis = Thomas     Cewyn = Kevin      Tadrec = Patrick

Rilliam = William       Jedric = Frederick     Grevor = Trevor

Ranael = Daniel          Zall = Paul          Rikael = Michael

Vedrah = Deborah          Innes = Dennis          Grion = Brian

Dethry = Jeffrey          Viqlas = Nicholas          Xarles = Charles

SPECIAL CASES:      Orena = Lorena(L was added to the last name)

Xarie = Marie (doesn’t rhyme, sounds more like Zah-ree)

Gemaine = Morgaine (older-sounding name since she is hundreds of years old)


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