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Saints and Eye Color in UNTOWARD

I used the basic western zodiac but made alterations to the names and birthstones (which became the color of the characters’ eyes).  Each Saint also has an animal associated with it.  All the water signs have sea life, all the air signs have birds, all the earth signs have predatory mammals, and all of the fire signs have mythological beasts.

I will list them in order of Saint/Eye Color/Animal for Reference:

First month of Spring: Itor/Garnet/Phoneix

Second month of Spring: Ghani/Emerald/Cougar

Third month of Spring: Qaxerine/Chalcedony/Eagle

First month of Summer: Randermyn/Amber/Seahorse

Second month of Summer: Dreymon/Tourmaline/Dragon

Third month of Summer: Xoren/Topaz/Lamb

FIrst month of Autumn: Saria/Citrine/Raven

Second month of Autumn: Paer/Carnelian/Shark

Third month of Autumn: Zevris/Amethyst/Unicorn

First month of Winter: Vehdrah/Peridot/Wolf

Second month of Winter: Viqlas/Sapphire/Owl

Third month of Winter: Wrien/Aquamarine/Whale


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